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About us

Excellent Dienstverlening

Our customers are diverse: we deliver to the catering industry, publishers, massage parlours, design agencies and gentleman’s clubs.
Although we’re focusing on solo entrepreneurs and starters, private individuals are most welcome with their tax returns at us as well.

The diversity of our services compares to the diversity of our clientele: we do financial management (also on sight!), advice during take-over or sale, liquidity forecasts, financial statements, automation projects, payroll processing, income tax returns, sales- and wage tax or corporation tax. We’ll take care of the whole of your financial and fiscal hassles.


While Excellent Dienstverlening B.V. keeps growing we’ve moved to a number of different locations. We’ve moved from Groothandelsmarkt to Stadhouderskade and are currently situated near the Oosterpark in an extraordinarily furnished monumental premise going back more than 130 years.

From a sole proprietorship to an office with more than ten employees. Excellent Dienstverlening B.V. has experienced an outstanding and venerable growth in the past couple of years.

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