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Tax returns

At a fixed price we can take care of the following fiscal forms of tax returns;

  • Income tax return
  • Sales tax return
  • Corporation tax return
  • Dividend tax return
  • Inheritance tax return
  • Mediation

What data is required for filing a tax return?

At the end of January you will receive a message from the Dutch tax authorities requesting you to file your tax return. Excellent takes over this hassle for you with pleasure. To file the tax return for you we’ll need the following details;

Personal data

  • Your and your partner’s citizen service number (BSN) and that of your children
  • Your bank account number (IBAN)
  • Your and your partner’s DigiD details

Income details

  • Your annual statements related to 2017
  • In case omission your salary slips will suffice
  • Received partner alimony

Bank statements

A complete annual bank statement concerning 2017;

  • Of your current/payment account
  • Of your saving account (and your children’s saving accounts)
  • Of your investment/broker account


  • The value of your dwelling (using 1 January 2016 as reference date) This is the value you received from your municipality last year (WOZ-waarde)
  • The annual statement of your mortgage
  • In case of acquisition or sale of your dwelling: the notary account

Applicable deductions

Please note proofs of payment are required.

  • Gifts/donations
  • Uncovered healthcare costs The income-dependent contribution pursuant to the Healthcare Insurance Act, insurance premiums and own risk do not apply
  • Paid partner alimony
  • If not receiving student grants: study costs


  • Details of loans and other debt
  • Details of paid annuity premiums
  • An overview of costs due to occupation disability insurances
  • Details of received dividend

And, if received

  • Provisional assessment for income tax
  • Provisional assessment for income-dependent contribution pursuant to the Healthcare Insurance Act.
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